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Palmary Clock Wireless for Treo and Centro
Palmary Clock Wireless for Treo and Centro
Platform: PALM OS Version 2.0
Last updated: 07.23.09
This version of PalmaryClock Wireless Edition is designed especially for Your Treo or Centro smartphone.
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Palmary Clock Wireless has all functionality of Palmary Clock and extra features as weather forecast, currency rates, atomic clock synchronization with automatic update of data in desired time. Also Palmary Clock Wireless has an ability to send SMS on alarm.

The main difference between Palmary Clock Wireless v.1.5 and v.2.0 is a weather forecast which covers about 68000 locations and consists of 48-hours detailed forecast, 7- and 15-days expanded forecast in v.2.0 instead 1500 locations and simple 7-days forecast in v.1.5.

If you have Palmary Clock Wireless v.1.5 and its weather forecast is acceptable for you then you do not need to purchase the upgrade.

Palmary Clock Wireless Edition is a powerful time management tool. All time handling functions are collected in one device! A nice clock with skins and backgrounds support also offers You unlimited quantity of independent alarms with MP3 support and an ability to start any program installed on your device.

The stylish calendar with an opportunity to display Palm OS Calendar appointments will not allow you to forget anything imortant. 10 independent stopwatches will be useful to those who loves sports, and unlimited quantity of timers allows to set any time interval and even to start any program installed on your device after completing the countdown.

Do You travel much? Is it necessary for you to know exact time in any small corner of the world? World Time and World Map with 68000 cities database is at your service! Internet Time, Time Calculator, Moon Phases calendar and sunrise\sunset calculator will provide you with all the information you need. That's not the half of it!

PalmaryClock offers you access to the latest weather forecast and exchange rates data! There is no need to care for regular weather forecast, exchange rate and exact time update. Simply shedule it and Palmary Clock will update the data automatically!

Developing Palmary Clock, we also have paid attention to simplicity and convenience of the interface. Now you can use PalmaryClock with 5- way navigator and hardware buttons only, without a stylus!

Manage your time to save it! Make time work for you!

User Manual
User manual You may download here: PalmaryClock Wireless Edition manual
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Differences between Palmary Clock Wireless Edition and Palmary Clock

  • Weather Forecast for about 68000 locations
  • Currency Converter
  • Atomic Time Synchronisation with autoupdate
  • An opportunity to launch an application or timer on alarm
  • Autoupdate of weather forecast
  • Autoupdate of currency rates

More information about Palmary Clock...

Upgrade Your Palmary Clock to Palmary Clock Wireless Edition v.2.0!

If you are registered user of PalmaryClock or previous version (v.1.0 - 1.5) of PalmaryClock Wireless, you can upgrade it only for $4.95! Upgrade to Palmary Clock Wireless Edition v.2.0 Now!

  • Detailed and expanded weather forecast for about 68000 locations
  • User's skins
  • Skins with calendar
  • User's backgrounds
  • An ability to specify the button to switch on the device and automatically start Palmary Clock
  • An ability to launch an application or timer on alarm
  • Easily adjustable and intuitive alarms and timers control from the main clock screen
  • Slideshow mode
  • Personal user settings for every skin
  • Analog clock
  • Digital clock
  • Analog-digital clock
  • Customizable calendar from 1904 to 2031
  • Unlimited number of Alarms with enhanced settings
  • Unlimited number of Timers
  • 10 independent Stopwatches
  • World Map view with additional thematic maps
  • World Time with integrated World Map (1500 cities)
  • Sunrise/sunset, Internet time and Time calculator for cities or for free location
  • Moon phases view
  • MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA alarmtones support (requires PocketTunes or Aero Player)
Update Description
  • Unlimited weather forecast for about 68000 locations all other the world is added
  • 48-hours detailed forecast is added
  • 7-days expanded forecast is added
  • 15-days expanded forecast is added
  • Misc bug fixes
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