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CDRA-K1 series Soft Starter with Built-in bypass (light load) for fan and water pump

Product introduction: CDRA-K1 soft starter is a new type of starting equipment with advanced level u

CDI-EC10 Series (AC Drives/ Frequency Inverter/ VFD)

It has optimized open-loop vector control, V F control, stable performance, optimized functions, r

CDH-B Series HMI

more user-friendly; richer in content; bringing better user experience; having more functions; more stable; supporting Android gesture dragging and zooming and special effects (transparent, left-righ...

Multi-functional Expansion Card

E180-IO1 Expansion Card,4-Way digital input (DI7-DI10),1-Way analog input(VF3),2-way Multi-functional open collector output(YO1,YO2) RS-485 communication interface (standard MODBUS-RTU protocol)

E series External Keyboard Dimension and Installation Holes

Accessories for E series

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