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DELIXI INVERTER Thailand exhibition in Bangkk


The No.36th Thailand International Industry Exhibition
Exhibition time:2019.5.8-11th
Address: Thailand Bangkok BITEC
    It is the second time for Delixi Inverter attached to Intermach exhibition.As the Bangkok is economic and culture centre of East-South Asia. Delixi Inverter take an important view to this market.
    This exhibition attract more than 1200 brands from 45 countries, famous like Mitsubishi,Lincoln, Panasonic,SODICK etc,with more than 4000 new technology and advanced equipments,but only few competitor like Sinovo. Delixi keep a 24 m2 booth ,main taking our ac drives,soft starters servos etc automation for the show.
    Though inverters products is not so hot popular in this exhibition, Delixi invite and meet a few related customers like Intronics,VNP motor trade,Motor789 and a few other located brand to our booth and have built contact there.There are more than 35 clients are interested in Delixi inverters and would like to know deep to delixi brand .We believe that exhibition helps Delixi popularize brand awareness and find dealer there.

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