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Name : High Voltage Soft Starter

Type:Soft Starter


Introduction:CDMVR-A series medium and high voltage solid-state soft start cabinet is a new high-tech electrical

  •  High Voltage Soft Starter
  •  High Voltage Soft Starter
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    product description
        CDMVR-A series medium and high voltage solid-state soft start cabinet is a new high-tech electrical equipment designed based on the third generation digital microprocessor technology and modern power electronic control technology. Provide the best step-down current limiting soft start method. In order to adapt to different load conditions and achieve a better starting effect, CDMVR-A has designed a variety of control functions, so as to achieve a smooth acceleration of the start with the minimum current required to start the motor, thus effectively reducing the grid voltage drop at start, Reduce the current impact and mechanical shock; when a soft stop is required, it can provide a gradually decreasing controllable voltage to the motor to stop the motor drive system smoothly.
    Technical characteristics

       1. High reliability: 32-bit digital micro-processing is used to manage data and communication, high-frequency power isolation and transmission technology, and resistance-capacitance network static and dynamic voltage equalization absorption technology are used to ensure that power devices are connected in series under high voltage. Reliable and safe operation.
       2. Powerful anti-interference: Using signal grading processing and isolation technology, the system has a strong anti-interference ability.
       3. Stable start and stop: It has six start and stop curves, adapts to the electrical and mechanical impact of different motor systems, automatically adjusts the maximum torque of the motor to obtain smooth acceleration and deceleration curves, and reduces the electrical and mechanical in the start and stop projects Shock.
       4. Perfect protection function: low voltage, undervoltage, multiple protection curves, and undercurrent, phase failure, phase imbalance, phase sequence error, zero sequence grounding protection and thyristor overheating, starting time is too long, starting interval is limited , Thyristor failure and other protection.
       Steel, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, water conservancy, papermaking, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, environmental protection and other industries. Application equipment includes compressors and refrigeration units, blowers, induced draft fans, centrifuges, conveyor belts, water pumps, oil pumps, pulp machines, crushers, elevators, cable cars, etc.

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