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CDH-B Series HMI

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Name :CDH-B Series HMI

Type:CDH-B Series HMI


Introduction: more user-friendly; richer in content; bringing better user experience; having more functions; more stable; supporting Android gesture dragging and zooming and special effects (transparent, left-right, top-bottom

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♦ Communication mode
   The built-in COM integrates the RS232/422/485 communication mode. It has 2 COM ports for quick serial communication. 

♦ Software downloading

    The product provides download ports at USB master and USB slave. The USB slave port supports transmission at 10M/S. The PnP USB master port supports a U disk, a printer, a mouse, or any other USB device.

 Network card

   A10M/100M adaptive network card supports a network formed by HMI and another device that makes data exchange fast,realizing Ethernet communication in industry. 
♦ Data storage
   High-capacity FLASH supports large data storage and U disk storage. Data will not get lost even in sudden outage. 
♦ Security
   Anew password mechanism is safer and more reliable.  
♦ Gallery
   Provide a big gallery containing numerous vector diagrams used in various industries; support user definition (drawing) of vector diagrams; support image formats such as BMPand JPG; provide a commonly-used standard outline border of vector diagram. 

Text font
   Support 5 switchable languages, TRUE TYPE (TTF), complex font editing function, and Unicode encoding. Execute the international standard.  

 Printer; serial network
   Support USB printers for image/data printing; achieve maximum connections (32 PLCs or smart devices) through RS485 communication.editing function, and Unicode encoding. Execute the international standard. 

 Pass-through communication
   Through HMI, PC communicates directly with PLC or the connecting device; 2 HMIs communicate with the samePLC simultaneously. 

 New set-up function
   Aslide analog switch supports slide entry of values; DropDownList is a list of multiple items to display; multiple retnd chart display components. 

♦ Online simulation
   Connect the computer directly to PLC to obtain data and simulate configuration works.  

♦ Ethernet communication
   The Ethernet network brings about communication between different HMIs or between an HMI and a control device.

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