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 Lathe application
     Application introduction

Lathe is the machine tool that uses lathe tool to lathe rotating workpieces. Drill bit, expanding auger, reamer, tap, screw die and checkering tools can also be used on lathe for corresponding processing. Since traditional line frequency processing technology cannot regulate speed accurately according to processing material, and has long line frequency stopping time, large impact on equipment upon starting and high failure rate, speed regulation by frequency conversion is much needed.

     Process characteristic

·It is required to meet the requirements of lathe with high productivity, high accuracy of grinding, high stability, high flexibility
·Rough machining on workpiece, it needs low rotate speed and high torque, and big amount of feed
·Finish machining on workpiece, it needs high rotate speed, high accuracy and high efficiency
·The low-frequency starting torque is big, speed is smooth and has high accuracy
·The speed of start-stop and the response of torque are fast, steady velocity precision is high, overload capacity is powerful
·Safety protection is complete, and can operate smoothly for a long time

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