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 Application of grinder

     Application introduction

Grinder is the machine tool that uses grinding tools to grind workpiece surfaces. It can not only complete high precision grinding and grinding of surfaces of low roughness, but also can complete highly efficient grinding. For traditional grinders, their motor will rotate at rated speed, but as the voltage of power grid fluctuates and the friction load of grinding wheel and workpieces changes constantly, motor speed will fluctuate. Moreover, its fixed processing speed can hardly adapt to the requirements of different workpieces for different relative processing lines, making the processing precision of all workpieces hard to ensure. To satisfy processing quality and efficiency and save energy, the variable frequency speed regulating technique can be applied to grinder to satisfy the requirements.
     Process characteristic

·Low speed output torque is big enough and the speed is stable, rough machining can be re-grinding at low speed
·Speed of start-stop is required to be fast, low frequency torque is good
·The requirements of speed stability are high, the speed fluctuation should be small when impacting and reducing load
·Can realize stable operation in overstuffed and multi-iron environment, protective measures are complete

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Common grinder, CNC grinder, vertical grinder, horizontal grinder and processing center
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, component & part processing, equipment maintenance, home furnishing & building materials, handicraft manufacturing

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