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 Application case of sawing machine
    Application introduction

Sawing machine is the machine tool that saws metal round materials, square materials, tube materials and profiles with circular saw blades or saw bands. In most cases, sawing machine has low processing precision and is used to cut off profiles, such as bar stocks and tube materials in preparation room. CNC sawing machines and large and middle sized automatic sawing machines are used more widely. Moreover, frequency converters have been widely used in sawing machine benefiting from its characteristics, including high reliability and precision, flexibility and power saving performance.
    Process characteristic

·Large output torque in low-speed operation and steady speed
·Good capacity of rotational speed in a change of load and smooth and clean-cut section
·Fast start-stop with load and acceleration and deceleration in a short time
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Circular sawing machine, band sawing machine and hack sawing machine
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, component & part processing, equipment maintenance, home furnishing & building materials, handicraft manufacturing

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