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Application case of ball mill
    Application introduction

Ball mill, which can be widely found in building material, chemical, ore milling and glass-ceramic lamp industries, can complete dry-type or wet-type grinding for various ores and other grindability materials. Traditional power frequency-controlled ball mill can cause excess grinding for materials easily; besides, grinding cycle required is short, grinding efficiency is low, unit product power consumption is great, motor startup has huge impact on equipment and gird, production and maintenance quantities of machinery is also enormous and power consumption is quite tremendous. All of those bring many unnecessary bothers and severe resources waste to manufacturer. However, frequency converter-controlled ball mill, featured by steady startup, high grinding efficiency, huge production and low energy consumption is the best choice for user.

    Process characteristic

·Realizing step-less speed regulation and easy adjustment
·Large torque in case of starting and low-frequency operation owing to large capacity of materials and steady speed
·Big overload fluctuation in the process of operation and great protective value in overload and over current
·Avoiding voltage recovery caused by great inertia of ball mills and effectively guarantee normal operation of the equipment
·Long-term and stable operation under excessive dust and moist condition and good overload capacity

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Cement ball mill and coal ball mill
Applicable industries: Cement, coal, silicate product, building material, fireproof material, fertilizer, metal ore milling, glass ceramic and other production industries

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