Application of stirred tank reactor
     Application introduction

Stirred tank reactors can be divided into continuous operating reactors, intermittent operating reactors, and semi-intermittent reactors by operation mode. Since the rotational speed of stirring system is generally very low, its motor is mostly used in combination with speed changer. The frequency converter can be directly used for speed governing. It can realize stepless speed regulation, improve the production efficiency, and achieve result of energy saving.
     Process characteristic

·Starting with small electric current has small impact force for power grid and equipment.
·Having good performance with load, the torque for starting with low frequency is larger.
·According to processing technic, it can realize electrodeless adjustment.
·With the function of remote and local features, it can realize two-site control.
·With good over-load capacity and resistance for bad environment, it can operate stably in the long run.

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Heat exchange station, heat exchanger, heater, condenser, constant-temperature reaction tank
Applicable industries: Municipal heating, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, warehousing

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