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Application Case of Cutting Machine.
    Application Introduction

The cutting machine is a special equipment for cutting, punching and milling grooves of custom-made plate furniture. Such as cabinets, wooden doors, beds, tables and chairs and other furniture.

    Technics Characteristic

Fast cutting speed and high efficiency
Host computer system control, zero error, high precision
Can achieve pause, speed increase, adjustment and other functions during work
With origin protection, X / Y / Z axis soft limit protection, fault protection, emergency stop protection, etc.

    Delixi Application Solution

In this case, the spindle motor adopts the DK60 series inverter produced by our company to achieve rapid start and stop and fast tool change functions; the servo drive uses the CDS500 series, and then cooperates with the operation and control of the host computer system (Xindai, Baoyuan, etc.) to achieve fast Precise cutting, drilling, milling, etc.

    Delixi Advantages

Spindle frequency inverter has special functions for quick start and stop
Flexible parameter setting, configure 5 kinds of spindle motor parameters, only one key to restore
With DK60-PLC card spindle, zero-second tool change can be realized, with pre-start function
Servo driver cooperates with the system to realize double closed-loop control, with high positioning accuracy and fast response


Wooden board processing, furniture processing and other occasions

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