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Winding machine 
    Application Introduction

Wrapping machine, also known as packing machine, is designed to meet the packaging requirements of containerized storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations. It is widely used in the containerization of foreign trade exports, food and beverage, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics and other products.

    Technics Characteristic

Touch screen control, simple operation and high stability
Inverter control realizes slow start and stop to ensure stable goods
Constant tension control, the tension can be set according to different films.

    Delixi Application Solution

This application uses the CHD-B070E series touch screen (1 set) produced by our company and the CDI-EVP26G01S2-MQS series three-in-one (1 set). This series contains three inverter modules and PLC, which are stable and reliable. The system packaging solution has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

    Delixi Advantages

The three-in-one machine has the characteristics of small size, low price, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.
It has the functions of segmented PID adjustment of film release, film break protection, pause and other functions
Support electric top pressing and pneumatic top pressing, and the function of film frame over the top
Touch screen supports Chinese and English language switching


Food and beverage, logistics and warehousing, foreign trade export, electronic products, glass ceramics and other industries

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