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Application case of tubular pile machine
    Application introduction

Tubular pile centrifugal shaper is such a machine making cement, stone and sand mixture arrange orderly in steel formwork through four speeds (low, middle-low, middle and high speeds) and three stages (material distribution, secondary transition and compacting via centrifugal force, gravity, cohesion force and friction force. After throwing, filling and squeezing, the tubular pile gets compacted gradually; finally, external layer is coated with dense concrete, middle layer is coated with mortar and internal layer becomes pure cement layer. Later, tubular pile will reach C80 strength grade though steam curing. According to production process requirement, motor speed should be regulated. Operation speed and time can be selected according to different occasions, so as to ensure quality of tubular pile; so there must be high requirement for equipment operation.
    Process characteristic

·A wide range of speed regulation, stable rotational speed and high accuracy
·Full load starting and starting torque should be above 100% rated torque of the motor
·Long-term low-speed operation and large low-speed torque
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation
·Easy operation and automatic adjustment of speed and runtime according to different techniques

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Cement pipe machine and suspended roller pipe machine
Applicable industries: Building, power, municipal engineering and water conservancy

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