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Application case of heat exchanger
    Application introduction

A heat exchanger passes part heat of hot fluid on to cold fluid, also known as heat interchanger. It is generally used by chemical, petroleum, power, food, and many other departments, taking an important position in production. In chemical production, the heat exchanger can be more widely used as heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators, reboilers, etc. In spite of a great variety, heat exchangers can be basically divided into three types: barrier wall type, mixing type, and regenerative type depending on the principle and method of heat exchange between cold and hot fluids. In these three types of heat exchangers, barrier wall type is most often used. The hot (cold) medium flow rate is controlled using variable-frequency technology can satisfy the production process requirements and realize energy saving. 

    Process characteristic

·Starting stably has small impact force for power grid.
·It can realize sleeping function and wake-up function, with obvious energy-saving effect.
·The period for speeding up and slowdown is very short and speeding up and slowdown of flow is very fast.
·Setting PID function inside can realize temperature closed loop control system.
·With good over-load capacity and resistance for bad environment, it can operate stably in the long run.

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Heat exchange station, heat exchanger, heater, condenser, constant-temperature reaction tank
Applicable industries: Municipal heating, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, warehousing

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