Twin beam overhead crane

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Application of twin beam overhead crane
     Application introduction

It is a kind of lifting equipment that is widely used by industrial and mining enterprises for craning. However, the traditional crane control system has high energy consumption, high overall failure rate and maintenance cost and low grid power factor and speed regulation precision, making it difficult to satisfy the requirements for energy conservation, stabilization and excellent performance of equipment. If modern frequency conversion technology is used in craning equipment, non-contact control of main circuit, small starting current, low noise, accurate running and motion positioning, high production efficiency and low maintenance cost can be realized. Moreover, frequency converters can protect themselves, motor and other components with their complete protection functions.
     Process characteristic

·The starting torque is big, can quickly accelerate and slow down, foreword and reverse
·It can realize a speed of multi-range, and the speed is adjustable
·When there is a heavy haul, start-stop in half-empty is normal, smoothly and no sliding
·It can adapt to frequent start-stop for a long time, foreword and reverse, and pointing control
·It can realize stepless speed regulation
·Safety protection is complete

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Portal crane, semi-portal crane, port container crane and portal slewing crane
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, stone machining, logistics, power plant, mining, building material, port

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