Application of incline hoist
     Application introduction

        As a kind of transport equipment widely used by mining enterprises, incline hoist belongs to rail reciprocating motion transportation machine that repeats: starting at an accelerated speed- equal speed – accelerate speed – uniform speed – decelerated speed – crawling – stop. The safe and reliable operation of hoist directly relates to the production situation and economic benefits of enterprise. With the quick development of frequency converter technology, old electric control system is found defective in many aspects and cannot meet user’s requirements for equipment energy conservation, efficiency, safety and stable operation.
     Process characteristic

·The low-frequency starting torque is big, speed is smooth and has high accuracy
·It can realize multi-range speed, and the speed is adjustable
·When there is a heavy haul, start-stop in halfway is normal, smoothly and do not slide
·Brake control should be timely ,safety and reliable
·Safety protection is complete, and can operate smoothly for a long time

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Cable hoist, incline hoist
Applicable industries: Mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and construction

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