Mono beam overhead crane

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Application of mono beam overhead crane (electric chain-block)
     Application introduction

      Electric chain-block is commonly used as the lifting mechanism of mono beam overhead cranes. For electric chain-block has a simple structure and is convenient to use, it is widely used by the industrial and mining enterprises that lift small lifting tonnages. Almost all domestically manufactured electric chain-blocks are provided with conical rotor motors, the structure of which is more complicated than general motors, and thus making it difficult to regulate their speed. However, sometimes it is needed to regulate the speed of electric chain-blocks in order to meet work efficiency and process requirements. Frequency converter can be used to regulate the speed of conical motors to improve operation performance and work efficiency, and also reduce equipment failure rate.

     Process characteristic

·Transducer can normal control taper electromotor to brake-releasing and band-type brake quickly
·Start-stop, rise and fall is frequently, respond speed is required to be fast
·Starting torque is big, rise and full slowly is normal when in the half-empty, no hook gliding
·Smooth operation, accurate location, no impact
·The system can operate in a long time and be safety and reliable, fault protection is complete

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Arm cranes and mono beam crane
Applicable industries: Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, plastic, stone machining, logistics, power plant, mining, building material and port.

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