Application of grab crane
     Application introduction

Grab crane is the equipment that is commonly used in industrial site to load and unload powder (bulk) goods in 3-dimensional space. Motions of grab crane in horizontal lateral and longitudinal directions are realized respectively by the crane and trolley, which are generally called traveling system; vertical motions of grab crane are completed by the lifting motor responsible for lifting motion and the open and close motor responsible for grab bucket opening and closing (throwing and grabbing). In general, the supporting motor of grab crane is wound-rotor AC asynchronous motor, which uses series-resistance speed regulation and relay-contact control mode in most cases. Since the motor consumes lot of energies when it operates at a low speed, and has flexible mechanical characteristics, small speed regulation range, low efficiency and high fault rate, it is a good choice to use a frequency converter together with it.
     Process characteristic

·The low-frequency starting torque is big, speed is smooth and has high accuracy
·It is convenience to operate, the failure rate in use is low
·When there is a heavy haul, start-stop in halfway is normal, smoothly and do not slide
·Raising, making and braking torque output balanced, contribute balanced, the bucket does not open when moving
·Positioning accuracy is high, with good operating performance

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Bridge-type grab crane, portal grab crane and arm type grab crane
Applicable industries: Metallurgy, petrochemical, logistics, power plant, mining, building material and port

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