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Application of miller
     Application introduction

Miller mainly refers to the machine tool that uses milling cutter to process various surfaces on workpieces. In general, the rotating motion of milling cutter is the main motion, while the motion of workpieces and milling cutter is feed motion. It can not only process planes and grooves, but also various curved surfaces and gears. Miller is also the machine tool that mills workpieces. Miller can not only mill surfaces, grooves, gears, spiral burrs and integral keys but also process complicated profiles. Comparing to planer, it has higher efficiency and is therefore widely used in machinery manufacturing and by repair departments. Under frequency converter control, different milling cutter speeds can be selected according to processing material and processing technology so as to improve processing speed and quality.

     Process characteristic

· Low speed output torque is big enough and the speed is stable, rough machining can be re-grinding at low speed
·Speed of start-stop is required to be fast, the response of torque is fast
·The requirements of speed stability are high, the speed fluctuation should be small when impacting and reducing load
·Can realize stable operation in overstuffed and multi-iron environment, protective function is complete
·When milling the precision components and parking, braking performance should be good, cut-off velocity is fast

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