Double housing planer

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 Application of double housing planer
     Application introduction
As a kind of commonly seen equipment used by factories, double housing planer is mainly used to process large and middle sized workpieces. Its traditional speed regulation system is DC reversible speed regulation system, and its operating system is relay contact type operating system. Equipment of the whole control system of planer is large and can affect processing quality and production efficiency for its complicated control, poor reliability and difficult maintenance. Therefore, it is very necessary to upgrade it with modern control technology. Frequency conversion control technology is a good choice for planer upgrade.

     Process characteristic

·Meet the requirements of planer with high productivity, high accuracy of grinding, high stability, high flexibility
·Starting brake is fast and stable, can realize to cut-in slowly and turn around quickly
·The low-frequency starting torque is big, speed governing is smooth, speed stabilizing has high accuracy
·Accelerate and decelerate should be fast, the response from torque is fast, overload capacity is powerful
·Control system is easy, safety and reliable, it is convenience to maintain

     pplicable scenario

Similar application: Gantry lathe, gantry driller, gantry miller and gantry processing center
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, component & part processing, equipment maintenance, building materials


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