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Application case of driller
     Application introduction

Driller is a kind of versatile hole machining tool. Drillers under relay control, the traditional control mode, has low automation degree, and can hardly realize automatic processing such as the machining of holes of the same depth, and hole machining at different speeds. Moreover, they also have defects such as high equipment failure rate and poor flexibility. All these problems no longer exist if frequency converter control is adopted.
     Process characteristic

·Realizing the-same-depth-hole processing and different- speed feeding hole processing
·Large output torque in case of low-speed operation and steady speed
·Fast torque response in sudden load and high processing precision
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Common driller, CNC driller, vertical driller, horizontal driller and processing center
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, component & part processing, equipment maintenance, home furnishing & building materials, handicraft manufacturing

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