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Application case of punch
     Application introduction

Punch is a special machine that completes product forming through the matching of the upper mold and lower mold fixed on slide block driven by crankshaft transmission. As industrial technology develops quickly, punch industry is manifesting its huge production capacity. In addition, the frequency conversion retrofitting of punch is imperative as enterprises have clearer cost consciousness.
     Process characteristic

·Realizing step-less speed regulation and acceleration and deceleration in a short time
·Frequent start-stop and little impact on equipment and power
·Large output torque in low-speed operation and steady speed
·Great resistance to shock and fast output response
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: CNC punch, forging press, extruder and plate cutting machine
Applicable industries: Equipment manufacturing, component & part processing, equipment maintenance, home furnishing & building materials, handicraft manufacturing
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