roller coater

    Application Introduction.

Roller coating machine is an important equipment in the coating equipment series of machinery, and it is also a kind of woodworking equipment. It is mainly used for painting the surface of the board. Its working principle is to adjust the tightness between the uniformly distributed rubber roller and the uniformly distributed steel roller. Degree, so as to control the thickness and uniformity of the paint on the uniformly distributed rubber roller; the plate is pushed forward at a uniform speed by the conveyor belt, and it is properly contacted with the rubber roller, and the paint on the rubber roller is evenly transferred to the surface of the plate. Paint loss is small, production efficiency is high, and maintenance is simple and convenient; it can be well connected with the assembly line to form a production line with a high degree of automation.

    Technics Characteristic

Fast conveying speed and high efficiency
Inverter control, stable start, speed can be adjusted according to process
Real-time monitoring of the working status of each inverter, with over-current, under-voltage and other protection functions

    Delixi Application Solution

 On this occasion, the EM60 series inverters (3 ~ 10 sets) produced by our company are connected to the Delixi CDH-B070E series touch screen through RS485 communication. The touch screen can be used to adjust and monitor the inverter according to the process, so as to achieve one screen multi-control function.

    Delixi Advantages

 Stable performance, isolated communication on the touch screen communication port, strong anti-interference ability, simple parameter control and flexible parameter setting, the inverter system supporting packaging solutions can be set on the touch screen for easy maintenance


Wooden board processing, furniture, wooden floor processing, etc.

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