Automatic stuffing machine

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Automatic cake machine
    Application Introduction.

Automatic stuffing machine is widely used in all kinds of cakes, snacks and sandwich bread, etc.

    Technics Characteristic

Stable stuffing conveying and high efficiency
Inverter control, stable start, speed can be adjusted according to process
Real-time monitoring of the working status of each inverter, with over-current, under-voltage and other protection functions

    Delixi Application Solution

On this occasion, the EM60 series inverters (7 sets) produced by Delixi are used to communicate with the Delixi CDH-B070E series touch screen through RS485 communication. The touch screen is used to adjust and monitor the inverter according to the process. Other electrical components to complete the process control of the equipment.

    Delixi Advantages

Stable performance, touch screen communication port with isolated communication, strong anti-interference ability parameters
Simple control and flexible parameter setting, the inverter can be set on the touch screen
Ten groups of formulas can be set by users, which is convenient for customers to apply on site
System supporting packaging solution, easy to maintain


Food machinery industry, food processing factory, etc.

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