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dosing machine
    Application Introduction.

Ingredient pot is to automatically add food materials into mixed food materials according to the ratio.

    Technics Characteristic

With weighing function, real-time display of current weight.
Touch screen real-time timing, monitoring weight, speed and other data
Diversified control modes, automatic batching by hand
Stable quality and long-term stable operation

    Delixi Application Solution

This application uses the CHD-B070E series touch screen (1 set), CDC1 series standard PLC (1 set) and EM60 series inverter (1 set) produced by our company to realize the entire electrical system packaging solution, with low cost and high efficiency , Easy maintenance, etc.

    Delixi Advantages

Manual / automatic batching, automatic batching is divided into: single batching, multiple batching, constant batching
Using 24V weighing module, the accuracy is controlled at two thousandths, and the touch screen monitors the weight in real time
Support password lock function


Food machinery industry, food processing factory, etc

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