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strip cutting machine
    Application Introduction.

The working principle of the strip cutting machine is the same as that of the splitting machine. It is a mechanical device that divides wide-width paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow-width materials. It is often used in printing and packaging machinery, wire and cable mica tape and papermaking machinery.

    Technics Characteristic

High precision of narrow strip size
Parameters such as slitting speed and length can be set
Cutter angle can be controlled, plus or minus angle can be adjusted

    Delixi Application Solution

This application uses the CHD-B070E series touch screen (1 set), CDC1 series standard PLC (1 set), CDS300 series or CDS500 series servo drive (2 sets) produced by Delixi, and the EM60 series inverter (1 set) to realize a complete set of electrical system packaging solution, which has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance.

    Delixi Advantages

Adopt servo control position, high positioning accuracy and high efficiency
Real-time monitoring of set length and running speed
Controllable cutter scheduling and length protection
With recipe data storage function, it is convenient for customers to set when using different materials
Support password lock function


Printing machinery, packaging machinery, paper machinery, cable machinery and other industries

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