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Application case of gang saw machine
     Application introduction

Gang saw machine is mainly used for cutting marble, granite as well as nonmetal materials such as ceramics and concrete. Also called stone gang saw, frame saw, mud saw or block saw, it is commonly used in stone processing industry. This machine is able to cut one big stone into several pieces through the parallel reciprocating motion of gang saw driven by a big flywheel. It is actually a kind of equipment with large rotation and large inertia. It is very popular among stone manufacturers who try to use it to reduce costs, save electricity expenditures and improve profits. The original gang saw machine is started by star/triangle so the starting current exerts great impact on electricity grid. This not only impacts equipment but also poses high demands on the capacity of incoming line transformer. The original speed of equipment cannot be adjusted when the equipment is operating at preset working frequency. Once the cutting speed can be adjusted at start and in the end, the stones with high price can be better protected and cutting quality can be improved. It can also improve cutting speed of the stones that can be cut very quickly, which also contributes to higher production efficiency. Frequency converting control of driving system is needed.
     Process characteristic

·Long-term operation at1Hz low speed, large output torque and steady speed
·Good stability of rotational speed in a change of load and smooth and clean-cut section
·Fast start-stop with load and small impact on the grid
·Adjustable operation speed and high speed accuracy
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Frame saw
Applicable industries: Stone processing

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