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Applicable case of wire saw machine
     Application introduction

As one kind of stone mining exploration machine, wire saw machine can be used for exploring granite and marble. One set of main motor is used to drive saw wire to operate along the track. One set of mobile motor is able to drive the whole sawing machine to move backward along the direction by which stone is sawed with certain speed through a reducer. The movement speed must be adjusted according to the load of main motor and the tension required by saw wire properly. For the traditional wire saw machine, PLC is used to read main motor current through current transformer and then the speed of moving motor is adjusted according to current change. The frequency converter is used as executor only. According to this scheme, current transformer and PLC are easily damaged, and configuration is also complex; there are many connections and fault points. The debugging is troublesome. PLC programming personnel also need to participate in it and the machine cost is also very high.
     Process characteristic

·High cutting efficiency and simple control ways
·Good capacity of rotational speed in a change of load and smooth and clean-cut section
·Adapted to poor quality of power supply of the grid and small impact on the grid
·Adjustable operation speed and high speed accuracy
·Automatic adjustment of rational speed of mobile motors according to motors’ load current
· Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Diamond wire saw machine
Applicable industries: Building stone exploration and architecture construction

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