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Application case of litchi surface machine
     Application introduction

Litchi surface machine is a kind of stone processing machine roughening stone surface through using diamond cutter to turn stone surface into litchi rind-like rough surface and mostly be used in surface processing of sculpture, square slabs, etc. This machine often uses frequency converter to drag crossbeam motor to realize automatic reciprocating movement on workbench; movement speed of crossbeam can be regulated conveniently. Oriented to different stones, different processing speeds can be set, so as to protect stones effectively and improve work efficiency.
     Process characteristic

·Realizing step-less speed regulation and acceleration and deceleration in a short time
·Large output torque in low-speed operation and steady speed
·Adapted to big voltage fluctuation and poor quality of power supply of the grid in remote areas
·Good heat dissipation effect and stable operation in high temperature environment
·Good surface quality of stone processing
·Stable operation in dust and moist environment and good overload capacity

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Stone grinder
Applicable industries: Stone machining

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