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 Application case of belt weighing machine
    Application introduction

A belt weighing feeder is often used for loading measurement and rationing of concrete ingredients, boiler coal, and other fixed materials. The feeding process is continuous with belt. The feeder conveys the materials that come from feed hopper or other feeding equipment, with its weighing bridge weighing the materials and its speed sensor mounted on the tail wheel detecting the belt speed. The detected weight and speed signals are simultaneously sent to the frequency converter or industrial personal computer (IPC) for calculus processing and outputting of instantaneous flow rate and accumulated weight. The frequency converter feeding speed is adjusted through the user-defined feeding weight to reach the user requirements for quantitative measurement, constant-speed measurement, and cumulant measurement of materials, skipping IPC configuration.

    Process characteristic

·Acceleration and deceleration in a short time and fast response
·High precision of ingredients to make certain of stable product quality
·Easy operation and automatic blending proportionally according to production techniques
·High precision of analog input and output and high accuracy of speed
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Automatic batching machine, feeding machine, weighing machine
Applicable industries: Building, chemical engineering, coals, cement

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