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Application case of air compressor
     Application introduction

There are a great variety of air compressors that are divided into volumetric compressor and speed type compressor by working principle. They are widely applied in occasions with air as the dynamic or raw material, including rock drill, air pick, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic sand blasting and spray painting, pneumatic valve control, food and pharmaceutical processing, metal smelting, tire inflation, bottle blowing machine, etc. Variable frequency control is a development trend in whole industry because it can ensure small starting impact current, high air pressure stability, and low noise; realize constant-pressure air supply control; achieve the effect of energy-saving operation.
     Process characteristic

·Steady startup and small impact on the grid
·Realizing sleep and arousal function distinct energy-saving effect
·Long-term low-speed operation and large low-speed torque
·Built-in PID function to realize closed-loop pressure control
·Good overload capacity, good resistance to unfavorable environment and long-term stable operation

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Air-conditioner compressor, dual-spiral compressor, air compressor, natural gas compressor
Applicable industries: Mining, building, Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy resources, industrial and mineral companies, good, plastic

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