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Application case of silt cleaning pump
Application introduction

Underwater excavation equipment will be used in river course dredging, waterway maintenance, port construction and maintenance, mining operations, etc. The most often used is silt cleaning pump which discharges the underwater mixture of sediment and water above water level through pump rotation. Traditional silt cleaning pumps are driven by diesel engine, whose maintenance costs much. Power frequency control has disadvantages of large equipment investment, strong interference in power grid, and high energy loss. An asynchronous motor under control of frequency converter drives the silt cleaning pump can effectively solve the above problems.
Process characteristic

·Starting with small electric current has small impact force for power grid and equipment.
·Having good performance with load, the torque for starting with low frequency is longer.
·According to processing technic, the speed is can be adjusted.
·With good over-load capacity and resistance for bad environment, it can operate stably in the long run.

Applicable scenario

Similar application: Dredging ship, sand pumping machine
Applicable industries: Port, wharf, river course, reservoir construction and maintenance

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