Application case of boiler
    Application introduction

The former boiler system mainly uses dampers or valves to control the flow rate of blower, induced draft fan, make-up water pump, and circulating pump and has the following disadvantages: Its design did not take energy saving into consideration; the steam demand varies with production process and task. The coal feeding (oil injection) amount should be changed to achieve high-efficiency burning. Traditional methods using manual operation have disadvantages of high energy consumption, low control accuracy, high requirements for worker’s skill. There is a common problem with boiler system: one boiler is insufficient but two boilers are too many. The boiler frequency converter is mainly used to control the blower, induced draft fan, make-up water pump, circulating pump, coal feeder, pulverizer, etc. of boiler system. Now, frequency converters have been widely used by boiler systems in paper making, food, forging, petrochemical, dyeing & finishing, chemical, pharmaceutical, grease, marine products, and other industries.
    Process characteristic

·Starting stably has small impact force for power grid.
·With the function of rotate speed tracking, it can realize dynamic start-up.
·Setting PID function inside can realize automatic closed-loop control.
·With the function of RS-485 communication function, it can meet the needs of quantization and networking for boiler system.
·With good over-load capacity and resistance for bad environment, it can operate stably in the long run.

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Coal fired boiler, gas fired boiler
Applicable industries: Thermal power, metallurgy, petrochemistry, heating, paper making, food, forging, dyeing, pharmacy, grease, marine products processing

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