Application case of pulverizer
    Application introduction

A pulverizer, a kind of comminution machine milling raw coals, is a primary component of a boiler coal powder preparation system. There are a great variety of pulverizers. By rotational speed, they can be divided into 3 kinds: low-speed pulverizers, mid-speed pulverizers, and high-speed pulverizers. The frequency converter can control the pulverizer processing speed and finished particle size, achieving the result of saving energy.
    Process characteristic

·Having good performance with load, the torque for starting with low frequency is larger.
·It is applicable for high voltage for incoming line in power plant.
·According to processing technic, it can adjust coal grinding speed, with high speed precision.
·With the function of remote and local features, it can realize two-site control.
·With good over-load capacity and resistance for bad environment, it can operate stably in the long run.

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Pulverizing equipment for coal powder preparation, coal gangue milling, limestone milling, quartz milling, pyrophylite milling, etc.
Applicable industries: Power plant, steel plant, cement plant, chemical industry, glass fiber, metal mine, and other industries

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