Application case of pumping unit
    Application introduction

A pumping unit, commonly known as jack pump, is a kind of traditional oil extraction equipment that is widely applied in oil fields. Its principle is that an AC asynchronous motor drives the gearing-down device on pumping unit frame, by means of belt pulley, and affects the piston reciprocating motion in plunger pump, so as to extract the crude oil that penetrates into the plunger. Before the jack pump frequency converter occurs, the motor operates at constant speed, and the jack pump shows a low delivery rate, high energy consumption, serious internal friction, and polluted power supply. The previous stroke adjusting method is subject to many limitations.
    Process characteristic

·Flexible starting to protect motor and machinery;
·Pumping speed can be changed according to well status to improve pumping efficiency;
·The maximum output torque is limited to prevent breakage;
·Over-current, overvoltage, overload, short circuit and under-voltage protection;
·Remote/local control function, realizing control in 2 places and remote control;
·Good overload capacity and unfavorable environment resistance to keep long-term and stable operation.

    Applicable scenario

Applicable industries: Petroleum, natural gas exploitation

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