Application case of ventilator
    Application introduction

Ventilator is mainly used at some occasions for keeping air unblocked, the main function of which is to discharge hazardous gas in time, increase oxygen in air, reduce flammable and combustible dust or gas and keep indoor air temperature; it is mainly used at assembly occupancies, such as diggings, industrial and mining enterprises, underground buildings, stations and markets, featured by long service time, large design margin (also able to reach ventilation efficiency in special cases) and dramatic energy-saving space. By using frequency-conversion control, the ventilator can meet ventilation demand and adjust operation frequency at real time so as to reach energy-saving efficiency.
    Process characteristic

·Stable starting has small impact for power grid.
·The period for speeding up and slowdown is very short and the movement speed is very fast.
·With the function of rotate speed tracking, it can be started dynamically.
·It processes short circuit protection function for over-load and over current.

    Applicable scenario

Ventilation for working sites of industrial and mining enterprise causing toxic and harmful substance easily, such as metallurgy, mine, cement plant, glass fiber, petrochemical engineering, food and pharmacy;
Ventilation for assembly occupancies requiring air ventilation, such as large-scale market, hospital, tunnel, subway, station and underground parking lot;
Ventilation for the occasions where the production can be accelerated, such as vegetable greenhouse, brewing, baking and drying.

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