Application case of water injection pump
    Application introduction

The oil field water injection is an important and efficient measure for keeping high and stable yield by collecting the oil scattered on formation into oil well and then making extraction. However, water injection volume should be adjusted frequently based on change of exploitation situation and rated flow of most water injection stations does not match with actual flow. If the motor operates at high energy consumption situation for a long time, it is a quite efficient energy-saving measure by injecting water into oil field with frequency conversion speed adjuster.
The water injection pump on coal layer is mainly used for injecting water on coal layer of coal mine so that the coal can become wet, exhaust gas, avoid dust raising and ensure safety production. At the same time, the coal layer becomes loose and the coal mining efficiency can be improved. Generally, alternative dynamic and static pressure water injection mode of pulse pump crushing, communication coal layer cracking and static pressure water infiltrating coal layer is used; the alternative dynamic and static water injection pressure and flow demands are different and the difficulty for water injection in different regions is also different so the pressure and flow of water injection pump output vary. Thus, the quite large energy-conservation space can be saved if the frequency control is used.
    Process characteristic

·With soft starting, the impact for power grid and machine is very small.
·According to running requirements, output pressure and flow can be adjusted.
·It can be operated conveniently and flexibly.
·It has functions of overcurrent, over-voltage, over-load, short circuit, under voltage and so on.
·With reliable quality, it can operate stably for a long time.

    Applicable scenario

Similar application: Coal layer water injection, oil field water injection, well driller water injection and pile driver water injection required by coal layer and petroleum exploitation, exploration and building required
Applicable industries: Coal and petroleum exploitation, geologic exploration and architecture construction

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