Dust Removal system
    Application Introduction

The dust removal system is configured by the wood board processing factory. It recycles the wood chips after the wood board is processed, and conducts spark detection during the recycling process, which enhances safety and effectively prevents dust pollution.

    Technics Characteristic

Automatically adjust the speed of the inverter according to wind pressure and temperature
Absorption pipe mouth has spark detection and protection function to prevent fire
Real-time detection of various data in operation and record keeping

    Delixi Application Solution

This application uses the CHD-B070E series touch screen (1 set), CDC1 series standard PLC (1 set) and E180 series inverter (1 set) produced by our company to realize the entire electrical system packaging solution, with low cost and high efficiency , Easy maintenance and other features.

    Delixi Advantages

Can realize manual and automatic control, with PID automatic adjustment function
With spark detection and protection function, when spark is detected in the pipeline, it is extinguished with water spray and alarm prompt
With fault protection, material level over-limit protection, temperature protection and other functions
Real-time monitoring of input and output status, inverter current, power and other data


Woodworking machinery, environmental protection industry

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