Biomass fuel machine
    Application Introduction.

Biomass fuel machine is used to replace the original fuel and coal-fired combustion method, saving 30% ~ 60% energy than traditional heating methods (coal-burning, fuel oil, gas), helping enterprises save energy and reduce consumption, and greatly reduce production costs! Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability. It provides the necessary conditions for the industrial use of high-energy, high-pollution drying models, the upgrading of various industrial kilns and ovens, and energy-saving transformation.

    Technics Characteristic

Support local and remote control
With automatic ignition function, it will automatically alarm if there is no ignition
Regular maintenance prompt alarm

    Delixi Application Solution

This application uses the CHD-B070E series touch screen (1 set), CDC1 series standard PLC (1 set) and EM60 series inverter (3 sets) produced by Delixi to realize the complete electrical system packaging solution, with low cost and high efficiency , Easy maintenance and other features.

    Delixi Advantages

With local and remote control, remote communication control and terminal control
With water temperature over temperature alarm, furnace temperature alarm, water level over alarm
Support function of regular maintenance prompt alarm
With automatic ignition function


Chemical industry, boiler industry

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